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Guitar O.R. is fortunate to be able to work with a number of great (and not so great) products over the course of any work week. This gives us a unique opportunity to get experience, learn what works (and what doesn’t) and pass that information onto you. With the distribution deal we’ve set up for each of the following products, we can get them working for you with no middle man and recommend them with full confidence. Each of these products are currently in use on my guitars, and can be demo’d at your request.

Does your guitar go out of tune? A lot of time it can be traced down to jumbo frets and stretching of the strings. Shorter scaled (length) of guitars will experience this more, making Gibson guitars prone to this. Earvana is a great product to help compensate for the physics involved, giving you a guitar you can play the way you want without being so light with your finger pressure.

Or perhaps it’s going out of tune at the bridge, and nothing you have tried has worked for you. Evertune is a brand new product on the market that is getting amazing reviews. It includes body routing and a complete replacement of your bridge system, but can keep your guitar in perfect tune for the life of your strings.

Or perhaps you’re unable to see your fret markers when playing live. Luminlay fret markers are straight from Japan, and can hold an infra-red charge to improve your ability to see where your fingers should be, even in the darkest conditions.

We also distribute a number of pick ups unique to our area and that we believe, fly under the radar. Lancaster pickups are active pickups hand built in New Zealand with a built in distortion circuit to give you a crisp but dirty tone with any amp. Or they can be used to compliment your favourite amp. Going from clean to high gain distortion, they allow your to tweak your sound like no other pickup.

Or perhaps your are looking for a great pickup for that classic 50’s Gretsch type tone. TV Jones can give any Gretsch an new lease on life, as well as compliment any semi hollow or hollow body guitar. Or an completely unique tone for any solid-body.

Or if you are looking to get the exact tone you have always sought after, then let us introduce you to MJS custom pickups. Hand built in Ontario, they aren’t made until your order is placed. You can talk to us or speak with the maker himself to discuss exactly what your are looking to achieve. They are high end pickups that will change how you look at hand wounds. Life is short, get the tone you want, from a completely custom pickup.

We also are proud to carry Lancaster pickups all the way from New Zealand. What makes these different is the built in distortion circuit that allows you to play through any amplifier and get the distortion you want, or add some top end distortion to your existing tone. These are also great for clean tone, and will make a big difference to any stock pickup.

We invite you to click on any of the products below to get a better sense of what they can offer you.

Products we believe in & help support

Taylor Guitar – Repairs and Servicing

Guitar O.R. is now a warranty service centre for all Taylor guitars. This means if you have any product from Taylor guitars and are in Calgary, we’re your source for repairs and serving. A natural fit with both companies being customer and quality focused.

Evertune – Electric Guitar Bridge System

EverTune a bridge system for your electric guitar that keeps a string in tune until it needs to be changed. Yes, for that long! I didn't believe it until I saw it, but its true. It's a passive, all mechanical system based on trigonometry and rudimentary physics.

Earvana – Compensated Tuning Systems for Guitars

Does your guitar always sound a little out of tune? Is your E string in tune, but your 3rd fret is sharp? Its a pretty common issue. Without getting into too much detail, the guitar by nature is never really in tune. Its what you call a tempered instrument and the distance between frets is based on a mathematical equation to find the best "balance" between sharp and flat notes.

Luminlay fret markers

Luminlay and Guitar O.R. have entered a distribution deal to offer western Canada a practical and less invasive option to LED fingerboard lighting systems.

Fishman/LR Baggs Acoustic Pickups

A lot of acoustic guitars on the market don’t come with a built in pickup, allowing you to play through an amp. However, this is a good thing. Did you know if you invest in an aftermarket pickup system, you will get a better quality product for less cost.
adminFishman/LR Baggs Acoustic Pickups