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Italian Custom Bass Fingerboard Replane

Most commonly the biggest issues our clients face with their instruments is simply a result of wood being wood. Calgarys’ climate can wreak havoc on even the highest quality wood. As a result, things shift, move, and even crack. This causes the delicate balance between the nut, saddle and neck to suffer, which takes away from performance and tone. It can make your instrument physically harder to play, unable to keep its tune, exhibit fret buzz; or unable to produce a proper sound.

Proper humidification of your instrument will help to off set these effects, but will not prevent them from happening.

It happens. The important thing is getting your guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, bouzouki or any other stringed instrument playing its best again. That’s where we come in.

By working with the pitch and arch in your neck, height of your nut, as well as height and brake off point of your saddle we are able to get your instrument playing its best.

The “best” I’m referring to will be different for different people, with a wide range of playing styles. That’s the beauty of what we do. Being an independent shop we can spend the time with your guitar to get it to compliment you. There is a give and take relationship with a set up. Let us explain to you the advantages and disadvantages associated with different style set ups, so you can make an informed decision and get your baby playing to match your individual style perfectly.

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