Questions & Answers (FAQ)

Question: I need parts. Can you help?

Answer: Yes! I have a large amount of parts in stock. Including, but not limited to pots, tuners, knobs, nut and saddle material and fretwire. Anything that we don’t routinely carry, we can order. Often for less than the cost you’d pay in a music retail store.

Question: How long will my guitar be in the O.R.?

Answer: Times vary, however we try not to keep your instrument out of your hands for more than a week. Much less time than most of Calgary’s guitar repair shops!

Exceptions are for refinishing and finish touch-up repairs, as cure times can vary. For set ups and smaller repairs we can often get it back sooner than one week. Also, we try to meet all requests for rushed service, so if you have a gig and need it done sooner, just ask.

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