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The Future is Here. Evertune.

Are you tired of constantly tuning?
Do you wish you could play the same guitar for hours on end without issue?

Then we would suggest you look at a revolutionary product called Evertune.
The last bridge you will ever need. Guitar O.R. is proud on of the few certified installers in Canada.

EverTune is a simple concept that keeps a string in tune until it wants to be changed. It is a very exciting development in stringed instrument technology. It is a passive, all mechanical system based on trigonometry and some rudimentary physics. Hence it is a new technology that is actually old school, its main component being a spring set in a clever position.

The benefits of this old school, all mechanical solution are that it is very rugged and reliable with only one moving part, and with all critical parts being made from high quality steel. It is also relatively reasonable in price, as opposed to servo-based (robotic) systems, and extremely effective.

It is distinct from servo-based (robotic) tuner systems: they automatically tune strings for the player, the player tunes the strings with EverTune, EverTune only keeps the strings in the exact tune set by the player.

If the point of a string on a stringed instrument is to play a specific note when the player plucks the string, then EverTune makes the string do its job magnificently for the life of the string. People have a lot of fun trying to get strings using the EverTune system out of tune. Browse around this site and other sites on the internet to see the growing number of videos and testimonials of people holding guitars by one string, taking guitars in and out of hot and cold environments, even turning the tuning machines, and then hitting chords that are still beautifully in tune!

For many people gigging on the road and at regular shows around town without the funds for a tech yet, they can carry one workhorse guitar with EverTune and be confident that they will always sound good. For pros, who want to be beautifully in tune before and after a crazy solo with five stop bends, and all the way through each of their songs, even with changing temperatures and humidity, EverTune is a must. For people who are doing TV gigs when the back stage is a way different environment then the stage with the lights, EverTune is flawless. For amateurs to pros with a stable of guitars, and one guitar in the stable that is a bear to keep in tune, EverTune is phenomenal.

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adminThe Future is Here. Evertune.