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GuitarOR becomes a distributor of LR Baggs Pickups in Calgary

Guitar OR is happy to announce distribution status with LR Baggs pickups. We have been a fan of these acoustic pickups for many years and have recently been approved to carry them. This will allow us to stay competitive with other retailers and pass on some savings to you.

Whether you’re looking for a pickup for your guitar, classical guitar, banjo, mandolin, bouzouki or mandola, LR Baggs has you covered.

Not only do these pickups replicate the acoustic sound of your instrument, we have found them to be very well made. This gives you the opportunity to possibly swap the system into other instruments with little fear of potential issues.



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adminGuitarOR becomes a distributor of LR Baggs Pickups in Calgary

Fender Kingmans Restoration

This Fender Kingman came into our shop after having been stepped on. Needless to say the top was completely ruined, the braces had all come off and the sides where both split. A lot of people would say its not worth fixing, but sentimental value does in fact play a part in the decision.
It was the gentlemans fathers guitar, who had passed years before.
It was then that we decided to get this guitar back to it proper state. First we had to remove the top and replace the kerfing. Once that was completed, a new piece of spruce was joined to what was left of the existing top. From there we went and build new braces for the top. Then the entire guitar was refinished. After those jobs were complete, we were able reattach the bridge and neck and make all the necessary adjustments to get it playing its best.

After many hours of painstaking labour, we were very happy to return the guitar in full working order. Playing and sounding great for his family to enjoy for many years to come.





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adminFender Kingmans Restoration

Guitar OR @ Calgary Folk Festival.

Guitar OR has had the pleasure of teaming up with the Calgary Folk Festival for 7 consecutive years now. Together we are able to ensure that all the performers have access to a full line of adjustments and repairs for the entire event.

Calgarys climate is hard on instruments. Especially some that are coming from far off destinations with completely different humidity and temperature levels. This causes moderate to severe fluctuations in the wood of the instruments. We often see cracking, warping and finish issues. More moderate issues will be string height movement, fret and tuning issues, along with electrical problems.

We are on-site from start to finish each day, allowing us to help remedy these issues and keep the music coming. Some of the instruments are foreign, but fortunately share similarities with all stringed instruments. With a proper dose of time and skill, we are able to get the instruments playing and sounding as good as ever.

As fans of music ourselves, we are happy to play our role in keeping the Calgary Folk Festival going strong.



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adminGuitar OR @ Calgary Folk Festival.